1.      This rules and regulations of Nasyeed Gala 2013, IIUM, are guidelines for participants and to determine the winner through a just marking system.

2.      Nasyeed Gala 2013 is organized by IIUM Nasyeed Club in collaboration with Mahallah Zubair and NasyidFM Media Network. 

3.      This competition is opened for IIUM community, that includes the Centre Foundation Studies of IIUM Petaling Jaya and IIUM Main Campus, Gombak; male students only.   

4.      Each group member must be a registered student in IIUM.

5.      Maximum of 10 groups will be participated in this competition.

6.      Each participant has to pay participation fees, RM30 per group. 

7.      Fee can be paid during the submission of the participation form.

8.      Any costs of clothes and preparations including music arrangement are on the participants’ responsibility.

9.      Any group interested to participate in the competition may fill up the online form and the committee will contact you for the payment.

10.  Organizing committees are authorized to ask participants to change the songs or lyrics which are not suitable.

11.  Judges’ decision is final.

12.  Each song should be performed in the given time. Judges will have the right to deduct marks if the performance exceeding the time given.

13.  Each group must attach the lyrics together with submitted participation form.

14.  Participants may consult our organizing committee if there is any inquiry regarding musical instruments.

15.  All participants must come to rehearsal and be ready at least one hour before the actual event.

16.  These rules and regulations are applied on any necessary amendment which will be made from time to time to improve the competition quality and to be fair to all parties. Any amendment will be informed from time to time.

17.   Any accidents, injury or loss during the competition are not prosecutable.

18.   Participants must abide by the rules and regulations of the competition and the rules of University itself.  

19.  Due date for registration is on Monday, 15th April 2013 11.59PM. Any late registration will not be entertained.

20.  Any enquiry and further information can be referred to our committee:
                                   Bro Najmi : 019-2919271


1.      Each group must consist of maximum 7 persons.

2.      SONGS

2.1  Each group must perform only 1 song whether traditional or contemporary nasyeed songs which must be perform within 10 minutes including ‘intro’ and ‘outro’. Traditional nasyeed are including songs that contain the elements of bayati, nahwan, sikkah, ras, sobah, and hijjaz. While contemporary nasyeed are other songs aside from traditional but not including genres like rock, heavy metal, jazz and rap.

2.2  The theme for this competition is ‘Quranic Way of Life’.

2.3  Lyrics of the songs must be in Malay, Arabic or English, or a combination of these languages.

2.4  Each participant is free to choose any song that they want to perform in the competition. (Including songs that have been popularized by any artists).

2.5  Lyrics of the songs must contain Islamic values. It must not contain any elements of worship towards other than Allah or insulting certain religion or individual in Malaysia. If there is any group who violated this rules and regulations, organizer would not be hesitated in disqualifying the group from the competition.

2.6  A group may be considered as not qualified if one of its group member is a professional singer—who have had a recording album whether single or in group.

3.      MUSIC

3.1  Use of “minus one” is allowed. However, participants are encouraged to perform ‘live’ or use “minus two”. (Minus two is the music arrangement without any backup singer).

3.2  Each song may be accompanied by suitable musical instruments.

3.3  Participant should inform the organizing committees if they need assistance in their instruments.

4.      MARKING

4.1  Marking will be judged by appointed judges and the results are final. Marking system are based upon these aspects:

 Lyrics (Message)
 Music Arrangements

4.2  Someone who is involved as a writer, music arranger, trainer or leader of any group participated is not qualified to be a judge in this competition.

5.       PRIZES

1st Place
 Cash : RM 300
 Hamper & Certificate
 2nd Place
 Cash : RM 250
 Hamper & Certificate
3rd Place
 Cash : RM 200
 Hamper & Certificate
Consolation Prize
 Hamper & Certificate

Last updated : 8th April 2013

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